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This page was designed to help you choose the best helmet speakers based on your needs. Helmet speakers are great for motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, ATV, and ski/snowboard enthusiasts. The chart below compares five sets of helmet speakers that can be purchased from HelmetAudio.com. All five sets are stereo and work well with any audio device with a 1/8" headphone output jack. Each helmet speaker has Velcro so that it can easily be mounted to the liner in your helmet. If your helmet liner is not suitable for Velcro, adhesive pieces of the loop side of Velcro are also included with each set.

HS92 - Helmet Speakers w/ Volume Control
HS92 Helmet Speakers

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XSJ - Iasus XSJ Helmet Speakers
XSJ Helmet Speakers

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HS24 - Iasus XSound2 Helmet Speakers
HS24 Helmet Speakers

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TORKX2 - Tork X2 Helmet Speakers
Tork X2 Helmet Speakers

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TORKXPRO - Tork XPro Helmet Speakers
Tork XPro Helmet Speakers

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Overall Size 2.25" X 2.12" X .42" thick 1.80" diameter X .5" thick 1.81" diameter X .5" thick 2.25" diameter X .31" thick 2.25" diameter X .38" thick
Actual Speaker Size 1" diameter X .31" thick 1.75" diameter X .44" thick 1.75" diameter X .44" thick 1.4" diameter X .25" thick 1.4" diameter X .31" thick
Comfort Level (1-10) 10 9 8 10 10
Volume Rating (1-10) 6 10 10 10 10
Sound Quality (1-10) 6 9 9 9 10
Durability (1-10) 8 9 9 10 10
Frequency Range (Hz) Unknown 60-18000 20-22000 20-22000 20-22000
Impedance (Ohms) 32 32 32 32 32
Sensitivity (dB) Unknown 108 108 108 108
Max Power (mW) 30 60 500 500 500
Includes Volume Control Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Limited Warranty 30 Days 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Price (USD) 19.95 29.95 47.95 44.95 79.95
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The 1-10 ratings above are based on opinion. Depending on your helmet and audio device, you may find that all four sets are adequately comfortable and provide plenty of volume.

The type of helmet used with the speakers will affect the amount of comfort. If your helmet has very little or no room in the ear pocket area, you will want the thinnest speakers that have the most padding, the Tork X2 speakers. If you have a little space, the XSJ or HS24 speakers will work. The XSJ or HS24 (Iasus XSound2) speakers are your best bet if you have removable ear pads, although the Tork X2 and Tork XPro speakers are thin enough to be placed over the removable ear pads.

Your audio device and the position in your helmet has the most impact on the volume of any helmet speakers. Some MP3 or digital players are specifically designed for ear buds. If your device is one of those, you would not want to go with the HS92 helmet speakers because they are the least loudest of all five sets of speakers. If you demand the most bass and best sound quality, the Tork XPro speakers are what you are looking for.



Helmet Speaker Loudness

The loudness of any speaker depends on how much power is supplied and how far it is from your ear. If you buy a 12" subwoofer, hook it up to a 10 watt amp, and stand 40 feet away, you're going to be disappointed with the volume, but it's not the speaker's fault.

Ideally, for helmet speakers, you want at least 5-10 mW of power per speaker. Many portable audio players provide this, some don't. Some audio players are very tiny and specifically designed for use with ear buds, which obviously do not require as much power. Most of the name brand players provide enough power.

Power doesn't mean anything if the speakers aren't properly mounted in the helmet. Before you install a set of helmet speakers, plug them into your audio player, turn up the volume, and hold the speakers to your ears. If the helmet speakers aren't as loud while mounted in the helmet, then they are not in the best position possible.

The speakers must be lined up properly and need to be touching or nearly touching your ears while mounted in your helmet. If the speakers are even 1/2 inch off in any direction, the volume will be greatly reduced. If you have recessed ear pockets, you may need to place something behind the speakers to get them closer to your ears. Typically, a small strip of hook and loop fasteners can be used to bring it closer. You can also use a piece of carpet foam or other material.

If the speakers are mounted properly in the helmet (just as loud in the helmet as they are when holding them to your ears outside of the helmet), and the volume is not enough, then either another audio player with more power or a headphone amplifier is the way to go.


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